Septic & Water


Septic Tanks

Gallons 800 800Low 1000 1210Low 1397 1728 2263
Litres 3630 3647 4573 5509 6352 7857 10,290

Holding Tanks

Gallons 1518 1704 2043 2675
Litres 6903 7746 9291 12,160

Pump Chambers

Gallons 175 250 450 Dual 760 Dual 1175
Litres 800 1135 2045 Dual 3450 Dual 5340

Well Tiles & Covers

36″ Diameter Tiles 12″ H 24″ H 36″ H 48″H 72″H
48″ Diameter Tiles 18″ H 36″ H 72″H

Distribution Box

18″ x 18″ 4 Holes – 3″ 4 Holes – 4″
18″ x 36″ 8 Holes – 3″ 8 Holes – 4″



Tank Information

Moose Creek Cement Products (2006) Limited is a member of the Concrete Precasters Association of Ontario.  All of our tanks are registered with the CPA Program, and are manufactured to meet or exceed CSA B66, the Ontario Ministry of the Environment Regulation and the Ontario Building Code.

Septic Tank – A septic tank is the main part of a septic system. The septic tank is responsible for the storage and filtration. It has two sections, one section being 2/3 of the tank and the other being 1/3 of the tank. In the first section there is a top layer, a liquid layer and a sediment layer. Active in both sections of the septic tank are billions of natural bacteria that treat the majority of household waste. The bacteria that works in the septic tank takes on the hard work of breaking down solids and sludge. When the wastewater leaves the septic tank and enters the leaching field a different type of bacteria that requires oxygen filtrates and decomposes the waste particles.

Holding Tank – A holding tank is used when a septic system is not possible to use. Holding tanks are typically used on very small lots, environmentally sensitive locations, rocky areas, or in the presence of high water tables. A holding tank is only storage for household waste until it is pumped out. An audible and visual alarm must be installed to indicate the amount of waste in the tank.