Shipping/Service Policy

Moose Creek Cement Products (2006) Limited delivers using their company trucks. Freight charges may be included or extra to the product pricing. Quantity, dimensions, weight and distance from our location are factors that determine the cost. Any product shipped via brokers will be quoted freight on board, not unloaded, to the job site. Please call at anytime to determine if there will be freight charges and what the rate would be. Items that weigh more than 2000kgs may be set in place by the delivery truck. The site access must have a clearance of 14’0 of trees, branches and over overhead obstacles. Excavation area needs to be ready, safe, free and clear of obstacles and any hazards removed. Items less than 2000kgs are delivered to site for the contractor to install. Our certified drivers and operators have the right to refuse to enter a site, offload or attempt any operation he feels would endanger himself, our customer, the general public, property or our equipment. Our trucks leave the public roadway under the direction/instruction of the customer or landowner. Moose Creek Cement Products (2006) Limited will not be responsible for property damages caused by our trucks or operators, or costs incurred by the delay of delivery/service, or breakdown of our equipment. Unreasonable delays onsite that are outside the normal scope of work for the delivery/service will incur extra charges for equipment rental.


Return/Exchange Policy

Custom ordered units may not be returned for refund or exchange. Stock items in original condition* may be returned or exchanged within 45 days. A copy of the receipt is required, and a 25% restocking charge will apply to refunds. Items that are picked up by a Moose Creek Cement Products (2006) Limited truck for refund will be charged additional freight charges.
*Original condition means; not chipped, cut, cracked, covered in mud, dirt, mortar or anything else that would take away from it’s “like new” appearance.


Warranty Policy 

Products manufactured by Moose Creek Cement Products (2006) Limited are warranted for one year, from the date of sale, against defects in construction. Defective products will be repaired or replaced, at the manufacturer’s discretion. Warrantied products will be replaced in the same manner as which they were originally purchased. Moose Creek Cement Products (2006) Limited will not be held liable for labour costs incurred during replacement or damages caused by the product failure. Items not manufactured by Moose Creek Cement Products (2006) Limited will be subject to the individual product manufacturer’s warranty.


Privacy Policy

At Moose Creek Cement Products (2006) Limited we place high importance upon customer privacy. We will never share your personal information with any outside companies and do not sell customer lists or information of any kind.