Advanced Treatment Systems


The Eljen GSF System is a combined treatment and disposal technology providing a two-stage Bio-MattTM pre-treatment process, drastically improving effluent quality prior to recharging the aquifer (subsurface infiltration). Click here to learn more.




Norweco residential treatment systems are the trouble-free answer to domestic wastewater disposal and insure a safe, sanitary home environment. Click here to learn more.




Enviro-Septic keeps it simple, with no moving parts, this proven and reliable technology provides peace of mind to over 200,000 home owners, business owners and wastewater professional worldwide. Click here to learn more.




Ecoflo technology is a wastewater treatment solution that provides the highest levels of performance and stability under all conditions. This is due to the patented filtering media of the Ecoflo Biofilter. The media retains water and maintains the appropriate conditions for the biological treatment of domestic wastewater even after extended periods during which the system was not in operation. Click here to learn more.



Bionest offers an advanced treatment system that requires little space on your property with its compact and underground design. The BIONEST® media ensures optimal treatment of your households’ waste water. It promotes the growth of beneficial microorganisms for increased treatment capacity while withstanding flow and load variations. The media does not need to be replaced. Click here to learn more.



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